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Would you like to import Dutch onions? Bowa B.V. is a Dutch family business and onion factory that originated in 1990 and has since then grown into an important player on the worldwide market of onions for wholesale businesses. You can count on our onion factory to combine a customer-focused approach with wholesale onions of the highest quality. Do you want to know more about our production process of our onion factory? We will gladly tell you how our company serves as an onion wholesale distributor to many companies around the world.

The process our Dutch onions go through

You are ensured of Dutch onions of the best quality thanks to our extensive quality checks. First, our onions are collected from the farmer and brought to our factory. After this, our Dutch onions are weighed and dried in our facility. Once they are dry, they can be processed. This means that our onions are cleaned, we remove foliage, and they are sorted by size. In our assortment, you will find four different sizes in which our onions are sorted, so you will surely be able to order the size you are looking for. These sizes are then sorted by quality and loaded into packs of 4 or 25 kilograms. Do you want to place a big order? Our can also be packed in big bags or in bulk. Before the onions are ready for distribution, they are randomly checked for quality by an external consultant. Therefore, you are always ensured of onions of the highest quality by us as your supplier of onions for wholesale.

To know more, please visit here: Dutch onions - Bowa B.V.

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